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Counting today, I am 4 days away from my half-marathon and I’m not feeling so great about that today. Why you might ask? Well, Katrina went from being a happy sleeping baby to a fussy, nursing at 10 or 11pm and up again between 5:30 and 7am cranky pants. So now after three or four nights of this I’m pretty sleep deprived and am actually getting physcially sore because of that. I have decided to take today as a rest day and then do a little run tomorrow and rest on Friday and Saturday so hopefully I’ll be ready for my race on Sunday. I just hope that our baby decides to sleep well on Saturday night because honestly if she sleeps like she did last night I would suck my race SOOO bad. My legs feel like lead this morning. So not cool!

In happier news I did manage to finish Katrina’s first little dress (as you can see on the left) and she looks super cute in it. The weather is also quite nice outside today and is expected to be on race day as well so at least I can look forward to sunshine, a high of 9 degrees, low winds and all around nice spring weather. So maybe that combined with a few days of rest will help me rock this thing. Also, my big girl will be spending a few days with Oma before and after my race so maybe without a sister to fight with Katrina will sleep better and not cry and fuss so much because what she wants to play with won’t be taken away. Wish us luck with that!

I’ve also got my weigh in tomorrow. I’ve been pretty good this week, but I haven’t been running as much so I’m wondering if that is going to have an effect on the scale. If I don’t go down it may be that my running is what causes me to drop so well and a lack of it stalls me. That would really suck since I’m supposed to reduce my running for two weeks after the race (think 2 rest weeks) before I kick it up a notch and start marathon training in the middle of May. If the running is the good loss signifier that could mean a total of three not so hot weigh ins before the scale starts to play nice with me again. Well I shouldn’t stress out about things I can’t control. Especially since WI isn’t until tomorrow.

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