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Such a busy month.

Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas!! I have been so busy doing holiday things with my kidos (crafting snowmen – baking cookies – cutting down our own tree – making Christmas gifts – visiting family) and family. Our tree is up, and since my girls are visiting their Oma for a few days I had a chance to not only wrap their gifts but get then nicely piled under the tree. That is of course except for their Santa gifts,  which are safely hidden away.

IMG_6417 IMG_6428 copy

Last week Zack was not a happy camper. He was tired and cranky and we had a really rough week. Then on Thursday we headed off to visit my dad and had our Christmas with his side of the family. That weekend Zack would only sleep in my arms, so it was really rough on me. I spent all night Thursday through Saturday sleeping on couches. On Sunday we came home and that night he slept a lot and Monday too. It took me several days to catch up on my rest once we got home, so I didn’t do much strength training this week, make that none, but at least I managed to run. Also, after a weekend of eating lots of food elsewhere I gained 2.5lbs this week. Hopefully is stays the same on Friday next week after Christmas and my birthday!



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