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Training Tuesday.

I had to run less this week because I am getting ready for my race on the weekend.

I started out the week with a tempo run. It went well, but had to be on my treadmill since the weather was very hot and I did not want to go out for that so I did the run on my treadmill and tried hard to push myself. The funny thing is I did not enjoy running on the treadmill. I usually do but apparently I’m getting back into my outside swing.

Tuesday’s cross training was a lot of fun. I tried Zumba at my dance and fitness studio that I discovered and I had a total blast! I am looking forward to going back and trying lots of things. I like that they have evening classes that work so well in Steve’s schedule, and even though it’s quite a bit of a drive for me, it’s worth it that I can go as I please rather than having to fuss with memberships and commitments.

Next I got a nice medium run done on Wednesday with my girls in their double stroller. They decided to cooperate for me and I was so thankful for that! Katrina even fell asleep in the stroller so I could keep going. Lillian just smiled during the ride.

Thursday was the best run ever. I planned a simple 5k where I would run by feel and locked my watch so that I could really feel the pace. Here is the result (in miles): 10:52, 10:40, 10:03, 2:51 to hit a total of 34:27 for 5.28km. My pace was between 6:15 and 6:45, which means I was faster than my goal pace for my half-marathon. Holy CRAP! I might actually be able to pull this off, if we have a nice day on race day!

My race was AWESOME!! You can read all about it in my race summary here!

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