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Thinning Thursday.

So this morning my weigh is went well. I am down 1.0lbs which is great!! The scary thing is that I seem to be hoping up and down for the past few weeks and am only down 2 lbs in the past 6 weeks. That is a bit frustrating but at least I can feel good knowing that I am going down even if it’s a two steps forward one step back (or two pounds down one pound up).

Below are my weigh ins for the last few weeks.
March 22 – 157lbs
March 29 – 158lbs
April 5 – 156lbs
April 12 – 155.2lbs
April 19 – 156lbs
April 26 – 155lbs

So my goal is to work extra hard the next two weeks so I can drop another few pounds. I won’t be weighing in next week since I’m going to be visiting family. I’ll be gone both Thursday and Friday and on Saturday I won’t have been home long enough to weigh in, and by Sunday it’s just not worth it anymore. So that means I can enjoy my visit with my family and not stress out too much about my food since I won’t weigh in until May 10th. That also means I’ll be back to running decent distances after my half-marathon in 3 days so the boost in exercise should help me too.

I hope everyone else had a great week as I’m counting down to my race! It’s now 66 hours and counting!

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