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3 Month Summary Weight loss journey.

December 2014: Lost 3.0 lbs (193.0-190.0 lbs)
Ran 51.11 km in 7:12 hours (speed 7.1 km/hr)!

November 2014: Lost 2.0 lbs (195.0-193.0 lbs)
Ran 55.65 km in 7:25 hours (speed 7.5 km/hr)!

So it has been 3 months since I started my journey and weight watchers combined with exercise is doing it again! This time I am down 9lbs from October to December. With Lillian I dropped 20.2lbs from January to March and with Katrina I dropped 11.7lbs from July to September so I amĀ  bit bummed that it isn’t as much as in the previous times. Had we not had Christmas and my birthday these past two weeks then I would have lost more weight than with Katrina but thanks to all the delicious food and great time with my family I did not lose that weight. I gained back some of the weight that I lost at the beginning of December after getting the salt out of my body from November. Too many salty meals the night before weigh ins. So I am hopeful that January will be a very good month for dropping some more pounds but right now I am happy to report that I am smaller!

I have dropped a lot of cm off my body though so that is great news! My body shrank as follows:

  • Arms are 2.5 cm smaller
  • Bust is 5.0 cm smaller
  • Waist is 4.5 cm smaller
  • Thighs are 4.0 cm smaller
  • Hips are 4.5 cm smaller


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