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4 Months old.

IMG_6484On Christmas Day my little man turned 4 months old. He is growing more and more all the time! He now laughs all the time when you laugh at him, and his smile lights up the room!

  • He plays in his exersaucer and his jolly jumper and my goodness is he getting strong!
  • He can hold himself up with your help, and his head is fabulously strong, except when he is using his head to smack you with it in your face.
  • He was great being held by other people and was awesome at Christmas with our family, but sometimes he wants us and fusses.
  • He’s doing better with Steve than before and still loves when I sing to him.
  • He’s grown super attached to his play mat, especially his toy bunny which we’ve named him BunBun.
  • He’s still got his blue eyes and dark hair.
  • He now weights 15lbs 8oz and is 64.2 cm long. What a marshmallow!


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