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Countdown Continues

In case you were wondering it’s only 42 hours until I start my race. Eippp!

The girls in their yard boat.

I have spent the morning making the garden larger while my mom loaded the car to take Lillian to her place for a few days. I managed to load my car up with all the free dirt from the city dump (thank you green bin service) that I could fit in my car. While Katrina was napping, I hoped that I could at least get started on the box to hold the dirt, but I ended up finishing the box, digging the hole for the garden, lining the box with the matting, and throwing the good dirt into the box. So now I have a great new garden box and will have lots of extra veggies in the summer. Yum! I also made two small boxes for my little ladies to have their own little garden. Maybe I can teach Lillian to look for worms only in her garden.

So now after an hour and a half hauling dirt and shoveling and building boxes I am a bit sore! Talk about some great cross training. Tomorrow I go to pick up my race kit and eat pasta (not a crazy amount but a nice bowl of homemade pasta) and hopefully get some great sleep tonight.

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