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Sexy Dress.

So despite my silly scale this week I’ve been feeling pretty good. I’m a bit stressed out about the whole getting back to work thing. Yesterday I was out stressed out from not getting things done that I was desperate to get home and work out. I did what was supposed to be an easy run, that turned into a almost tempo run. But I did feel better afterwards. Now I am literally laying in bed dressed in my running clothes so I can jump my butt out of bed at 5:30am tomorrow to get my 5k run in before I head to work. Sigh! Lots going on this week and so much to do this weekend. My mom is graduating from her college program on Saturday and we have a race on Sunday. So we have to drive 2 hours to her place Friday night, come home Saturday, so it’s a lot of travel and pressure, but that’s what life is about right?

My sassy, blue dress. I LOVE blue!

On the positive side, I managed to get a bike ride in today after dinner. I had to laugh because my husband got home, ate dinner and what did we do? Well I went for a 12km bike ride to test the time it takes me to get to work, while he plopped the girls into the double stroller and went for a 10km run. We apparently have become that crazy active family. I never thought I would see this day but I’m proud I have!

Today was my baby girl’s first birthday, but I didn’t have the time to write the blog post I wanted to about that, so I’ll do it next week when I have a bit more time since this weekend is NUTS!

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