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Weigh in Wednesday – late!

So I stepped on the scale on Wednesday morning and it lied to me! It tried to tell me that I gained 4lbs in a week. My response was “What?! You lie!” Then I stepped off and said whatever, and said I would go again on Thursday, when I hadn’t eaten a ton of salty stuff. I will be honest I was STARVING on Tuesday and so I kept eating. I had a bowl of pasta that was the size of Katrina’s head!

So today, I stepped back on the lying scale and it said, 150.8 lbs. So while I don’t really like seeing the 1 5 again I know it is still inflated since I was running late and couldn’t follow my full routine before weighing myself. But I’ve gotten down to my post Katrina number and have decided to not stress about the scale number so much. It’ll go down again in a week or maybe two and I am okay with that.

Today, I am going for another day of Simply filling food to help offset my starving feeling lately. I can’t believe how much food is in my lunch bag for today compared to normal. Having to pick all natural and wholesome food means the amount is huge, but the calories are lower. For tomorrow I get to eat oatmeal with a latte and egg for breakfast, salad with salmon, edemame and barley salad for lunch, and for snacks I have cheeries, an apple, greek yogurt, mixed berries and fibre first. My lunch pail is overflowing, so I shouldn’t be hungry!

One thought on “Weigh in Wednesday – late!

  1. Briana

    I HATE when that happens with the scale. So frustrating but totally normal with water and hormone fluctuations. I’m am currently hovering right above the next ‘group of tens’ and it’s killing me that I haven’t dipped down. It will in time, though. I just have to be patient!

    Your lunch sounds delicious!

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