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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there who read my blog or are related to those who read my blog!

Today we ran the Waterloo 10k Classic, and by we I mean, Steve, Katrina, my coach Cecilia and myself! It was a lot of fun. Since I ran before hand to get my training distance in for the day, I decided to run with Steve and Katrina rather than try to push myself alone. I’m pretty sure I could have beat my old personal best of 1:12ish but figured with it being Father’s day it would be better for me to run along with my baby daddy. Lillian was visiting her Oma for a few days so we just had the itty bitty along for the ride. She was a delight on the run, and slept for part of it. Once we finished they even gave her, her own race medal. She’s so cute!

Katrina with her medal and Auntie Cecilia.

To celebrate our great run today, we had Cecilia over for BBQ after the race. There is always food at a race, but this time around the food there was identical to what we were having at home so we just left and headed home. We even had our own special treat planned, which is homemade ice cream. We got our ice cream maker out of the pantry and I’m so glad I did. We haven’t had such good ice cream in a long time. I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying any more ice cream this summer. Instead we’ll be making our own instead! That’s how I got Steve to push hard at the end of the race. I kept chanting “ice cream” for the last 100m!

Katrina waiting for her treat!

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