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Crazy times!

Some mornings are great, some mornings are okay, some mornings are just about surviving, and others are a NIGHTMARE! Today we had one of those that started out as great, and then became about surviving!!

Zack was so cute this morning. He kept waking up after 4:30am and then sleeping and then back up and then sleeping, but around 7am, he was snoozing peacefully on me, and was so cute and sweet. It was nice to see and just feel his little heart beat against me, and his little breathe against my neck, and hear his little squeaks. Pure heaven!2014-10-13 07.13.02


2014-10-13 07.13.12 2014-10-13 07.13.15

We finally made it downstairs around 7:50am, and that was fine for getting the kids dressed and ready for the day. But then once they were ready and we were 3 minutes away from needing to get ready to head to the bus stop, I realized Lillian had to wear blue today for a school thing, so we had to find her blue head band, and then I realized I never packed her lunch last night (ops!) so I had to hand off my sweetly sleeping baby to daddy and throw together a lunch for Lillian. Lucky for me this kid likes cheese and crackers!

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