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Weekend wrap up.

I realized I forgot to update my weight loss on Friday. I was up 1lbs, but am trying to stay positive, and will keep going this week.

Our weekend was a busy one here, but quiet too. Zack turned two months on Saturday, and his update/letter will come tomorrow. We run a bunch of errands on Saturday with the kids, which went well considering I was quite stressed out about having to feed Zack in a Costco parking lot. We got rid of some old stuff that needed to go to Value Village, and we picked up things we needed from Costco. Then we swung by Lindt, thanks to a great WagJag that gave us $30 work of chocolate for $15, and the Lindt balls were on sale so you got $65.98 worth of balls for $32.99 so we got a LOT of chocolate. Maybe that’s why my weight isn’t going so well.

Sorry about no photos today. Word press doesn’t want to load them for me!


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