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Running Fuel in the belly!

Like my Katrina inspired title? With her any food is “in da MOUTH!” She’s a silly monkey that one.


So much running fuel!!!

So I am pretty excited about my training. So excited that I put all my running fuel into one big box! I can’t wait until I break my 90 minute mark where I get to start eating things from my giant box of fuel! So many yummy things to test and try!

My hip is feeling fine, and this week is a rocking rest week. I say rocking because I did my longer run on Friday so I actually got to rest both Saturday and Sunday at least for running. It was a challenge to take a sewing break to do my cross training. I would so much rather being sewing. It’s lunch now and I haven’t actually done it yet, but I will. After my pizza for lunch settles and I put my laundry away and finish s bit more sewing. And next week is week one of the three real weeks, so I get to do 12km on Saturday. And do you know what 12k means? 12k means running fuel! Num num num! Not sure which of my yummy treats I plan to start with. I’ll let you know which I decided.

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