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Silly Running Facts.

IMG_3968So I have a very silly side to me. At the end of a run I need to get some fuel in me so what does any good, busy running mommy do? She drinks her luke warm leftover coffee and eats her two year olds’ left over bacon! And the other aspect you can’t tell from the photo, but I’m so not wearing my pants because they were already in the washing machine. Welcome to my messed up little version of normal!

So in addition to eating random leftover food from my kiddies plates for post run fuel here are some random funny facts about me and my crazy running.

  • I sing really loud while I run because it makes me run faster!
  • My favourite running socks are actually 1 sock from two separate pairs, since I can’t find their partners. They are different heights on the ankle and different colours!
  • I have multiple of the same running tank top and am convinced that people think I wear the same shirt all the time.
  • I plan other people’s weddings in my head. Now if only one of them would get engaged!
  • I practice having difficult conversations with people (I have one I’m sort of dreading right now, and I’ve gone through every possible scenario while running).
  • I’m paranoid of all animals while running (but after the deer, dog, snake and pheasant, can you blame me).
  • I’m super paranoid about running into people I know while I run, other than fellow runners, which is why I only run in the country and AVOID the city. I wear shorts, neon coloured running bras and skimpy tank tops, I don’t need coworkers seeing me like that, especially super sweaty!
  • I’ve brought plastic bags with me and filled them up with empty beer cans while running. I made $3 before!
  • I’m not afraid to make my own bathroom on a run, even if it’s negative degrees out!
  • I love to use my kids leftover gummy candy as running fuel. So much easier to eat a piece every 500 metres or 10 minutes without adding too much to your belly at once.

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