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The Countdown Begins

11 days to go.

It’s only 11 more days and I will be running my first real post-baby race. Right now I’m feeling really conflicted about it.

I feel nervous about it because it’s a long and challenging race. I am also worried I won’t beat my record from last year, and will come in last again. I don’t want to do that again. I will survive if I do, but I am not looking forward to it. I’m also concerned because I have a really fussy baby because she’s teething and that makes her cry and cry and cry. I’m scared she’ll cry all night the night before my race and I’ll be absolutely exhausted and just SUCK! But that’s the risks you take being a running mom.

I feel good about it because I know (thanks to my friend Cecilia) that this race is NOT a starter race and rather is a race that advanced runners pick, which makes me feel like I’m on a different level. I also feel good because I decided to figure out my resting heart rate yesterday and it falls into the Athlete area. I couldn’t believe it. I made Steve take it for me again and he got the same number I did. So that is really exciting for me. I may not be totally skinny like I want to be but the health benefits for me are already there. It’s a good feeling, especially since I have a nasty temper and my hubby is convinced it’ll give me a heart attack one day but my heart is getting good and strong, while my exercise keeps my temper in check.

Lillian being cranky that mommy, not daddy is pulling her.

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