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Countdown and a Vent.

Okay, so now I have 10 days until my race, not that I’m counting or anything.

Today was a good day and here are some of the things I’m excited about!

I’m excited because I set myself a goal of running 170km this month and I’m at 113.31km which is 66% of the way to the goal! I love math. So 2/3 done with only 61% of the month over! That is progress, especially since I need to rest a few days before the race and probably won’t feel like running too much the two October days after the race.

I’m excited because we have all our Halloween candy and we’ve picked through the boxes and now have a smaller box of all our favourites, making it the perfect candy box. I also love that beacuse all the candy is the perfect chewing toughness for our toddler so I don’t have to worry if most of her candy is too hard or soft for her. She’ll still have an awesome Halloween filled with yummy goodies.

I’m excited because I’m having a good week, and even though my husband is going away on business next week I have a lot of plans for fun. My mother will be coming up for a few days and we’ll be heading back to the pumpkin patch to get some more pie pumpkins in order to make more pumpkin puree to freeze and another large load of yummy pumpkin seeds.

But there is something I’m sad about. A lot of the blogs that I’ve been reading for a while have stopped writing lately. Either they are writing less often or just not at all. I miss reading them, but at the same time I know that people’s lives are busy. But I also noticed that several of them who write less often are writing about how they are not doing well on their weight loss journey, or coming back to the blog after months away and it makes me wonder if there is a tie between not blogging and not losing weight. I find my blog is a great sounding board and almost like a journal for my journey. I feel like my blog keeps me accountable and gives me a place to air my frustrations. I feel that if people can’t be committed enough, (or find the time in their busy mommy lives) to spend a few minutes each day or two, expressing their feelings then they probably put that same effort into their workouts and diet/healthy eating. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but being a mom is a lot of work, as I know, and I find time to eat healthy and exercise in my busy day so I believe that anyone can. Sure having to work around their schedule or wait until my husband gets home is hard, but I do what I have to do. I make salad or egg white veggie omletes while holding a 4 month old. I get up at 6:30am on Saturday (almost every week) to go to the farmers market for stuff I need. It sucks to NEVER get to sleep in but that is the price I pay for my family and our healthy life style. It’s also what allows us to eat barely any processed food and why I believe my children are rarely sick. But that’s just my vent of the day!

I apologize if anyone feels that is harsh or that it’s aimed at them. I am not trying to put anyone down. It is just something I’ve noticed for the past few months and needed to vent about.

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