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Trying to stay positive.

Okay, it has been one of those days so far. I don’t really know what to do anymore. Our little one is teething, and it’s been going on for MONTHS now, and still NO tooth. Her gums are swollen, she’s got a fever (so yes she’s on Advil), she doesn’t want to eat, she isn’t sleeping, and she is just miserable 24/7 and I am slowly losing my mind. She cries in her high chair at meals. She cries at nap time. She cries while playing on the floor. She cries while her sister is trying to entertain her. It’s unrelenting! There have been bits of time where she is happy and quiet but for my happy baby these fleeting moments are few and far between. I know this has to end, and that the tooth or teeth that are causing all this pain will eventually break through, but we saw the doctor Friday and he said it could be another month, based on how things look in her mouth. ANOTHER whole month. Sweet Jiminie Cricket, I’m going to lose my mind!

I feel for the peanut though. Lillian was not a problem teething. She was just whiny and then oh look a tooth. Katrina is the definition of a terrible teether. Drooling, chews everything, fussy, crys, unhappy, fever, won’t sleep, doesn’t want to eat. I think she has every symptom you can have. I know this is not be fun for her, but it’s really hard to see her in pain like this. I want it to be over. Being cried at for hours every single day, regardless of whether I hold her or whether she’s on the floor with her sister, is very tiring. Emotionally I’m so drained this week. I just hope that these teeth will get out already!

In happy news I had my first boot camp last night for my little two week class. It went well, and since everyone there has done booty camp before we jumped right in and didn’t do a baby first class. So that was a great feeling, and right now at this second both my babies are napping so I am super excited that I have 5 minutes to read my book and figure out what to make for dinner! Oh and my babysitter is free on Saturday the 31st so there WILL be another date night this month, even if it just falls into the month.

We have a stripper baby on our hands. She’s going to be one of those clothes-less toddlers!

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