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Training Tuesday – Week 20

This week was another great week for running. I did a lot of outside runs and was able to bring just Katrina with me so it helped me get my distance in.

My speed run was on my treadmill on Monday while Katrina napped and went so much better than my tempo run last week, which is nice. The next day Katrina napped a lot so I managed to get my medium run in while enjoying the beautiful air. Wednesday brought another quickie treadmill run while I was cooking and Thursday I enjoyed the lovely weather again and just did a little quick easy run with Katrina while Steve got ready for an interview.

Saturday, I met with Cecilia, my BRF and coach, and did a long run. She wasn’t up to doing 15k so after eating oatmeal and getting to her house, I went to the park beside her house to get 5k in. I did a few laps and enjoyed my music (now that I’ve updated my iTunes finally) and then headed back to her place. I went in and we filled our water bottles, and I ate my chews and we headed out. She has a 6 mile (just under 10k) route she likes to do so we went for that route and had a great time chatting and catching up and discussing various things. It’s always a lot of fun when we run together, especially when we go for brunch afterwards. Gives me a bit of adult time while my husband enjoys time with our girls.

So a total of 43km is a great week for me and I’m looking forward to this week’s runs before I have a rest week.

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