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Strange cravings.

For the sake of being totally honest with you my loyal blog readers, I’ve been having some weird cravings that past few weeks. I’m not craving a particular food in most cases, though some days I am feeling rather carnivorous, I have been craving food at night.

Now I’m not usually a big night eater. I used to be when I was a student but I broke myself of the habit and now avoid eating after 8pm. Lately however, I am always starving before bed. I would have thought it was just silly, and not real hunger except for the fact that I have always been waking up STARVING the next morning too. I mean, if it was phoney hunger it wouldn’t last through the night into the next meal right? So now I’m confused and trying to sort out what to do. I have noticed that I eat a large breakfast, a mid sized lunch and a few small snacks during the day, and with that some days I run out of points after lunch and have to limit myself for what I can eat at dinner. Usually dinner involves a large green salad, with balsamic dressing and not much else.

This obviously is not a good way to be on my marathon training, so to help get me back into eating more, I’m going to try the simply filling thing from weight watchers again. I’ll start in a day or two, when I’m at work and can’t snack so much. I also will need to stock up on food that isn’t bread related to get me through lunch, so it’s good I’ve been trying all sorts of carb loaded salads. So after I get my fridge a bit more simply filling friendly I’ll jump on the band wagon and maybe even make it through a day without needing any of my weekly points for non-filling foods. That would be a huge achievement for me and would mean I ate nothing for wholesome, nutritiously rich food. I think that might just work.

Anyone else out there find themselves starving all night long, suddenly for no reason? I promise to post lots of photos tomorrow.

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