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May Summary

So in my humble opinion May was an awesome month both for running and weight loss.

To start I increased my weight loss from April and managed to drop another 4.0 lbs! I have noticed that a lot of my summary weights end in a 0.0lbs which I find pretty funny, but considering my scale moved in 0.2 pound increments that gives me a 1 in 5 chance of a round number. In my total journey it’s not that many but in that past three months 5 of the 6 numbers end in a 0. Just another one of those funny math things I notice. Anyway, the weight loss this month is great too because it’s my median or middle loss number! I have 11 monthly summaries and 4 are larger losses, 4 are smaller losses and 2 others are exactly 4lbs, so I am very pleased with my efforts for this month.

As for running the numbers weren’t as high as usual. Actually this month was my second lowest total distance at 105.82km (the lowest being 103km) but considering I didn’t run for the first week and barely ran the second week I don’t care! I had a lot of pain in my heel after the half marathon and needed to let my body and needed to let it heal. So an average of 3.4km or 25:52 minutes each day is amazing considering I took almost two weeks off! I ran a total of 13:22 hours this month and I know next month will just blow that number out of the water!

My goals for June are pretty simple. Weight wise I want to be in the 140’s. So here is hoping next month we see a 14X in my summary! For running I don’t have a specific time or distance goal, but rather I want to hit all my marathon training runs. I have 16 runs scheduled and I would like to complete them all, and also work on getting in my stretching videos and some cross training. I figure since I don’t have time to stretch before and after every run, if I can do a video once a week I will get a good stretch at least once. Wish me luck!

Lillian reminds you to try extra hard in June or else she’ll poke you!

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