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Did NOT happen.

Girls first taste of Smores!

Okay, so did NOT run my race on Sunday. I woke up at 6am and felt very blah, so I decided not to run. My husband asked me if we were going to go to church then. I looked at him a bit like he was crazy and said “If I’m not going to run because I feel ill do you really want me to get up now and get the girls fed and ready for mass instead of resting?” The bulb went off in his head and he got up to take the girls and let me sleep in for a while more. I actually slept in until 9:30am which was amazing. I really appreciate my husband letting me rest, since I so needed it after Saturday’s run went south.

Rain dancer!

Despite the crazy stuff that happened this weekend we had a great day on time with the girls. They had their first smores on Saturday night. Katrina ended up sitting on hers but she loved what she managed to eat first. They had a bit of pool fun, Lillian danced in the rain, Steve managed to program, I managed to sew. It was an all around ideal weekend. I am proud of my sewing. You can see the princess dress up skirt on Lillian above. I also made one out of black sequins with a dark pink skirt underneath which I’ll post a photo of later after I finish a few more of her projects.

Smore butt!

I actually plan to use the black one’s pattern to sew myself a girlie running skirt out of. I saw some AMAZING sparkle skirts make by team sparkle and I had planned to just buy one, but when I saw this fabric at my local fabric shop I thought why not custom make one for myself. I know I have some good sewing skills and I think it’ll make the skirt that much more special for me. But ALL CREDIT for the idea goes to the girls over at Team Sparkle! If you want your own girlie running skirt make sure you visit their site because these ladies got some talent!

So be ready to see some more awesome sewing project posts soon, as well as my exciting news (and no I’m not pregnant) and another training report tomorrow too.

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