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Before and After – here we go again – 1 year review

I dropped my 40 pounds! So a full year has passed since I began my journey to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I have succeeded! I not only weigh less today than I did before I got pregnant with Katrina, but I weight less than before I got pregnant with Lillian and less than I have in my adult life.

So since the April update I’ve lost an additional 8lbs putting me at a total of 41lbs lost. The inches are slowly going down too, having dropped another 5.5 inches for a total of 29.5 inches lost in the past year.

July 15, 2012
July 12, 2011

As you can see I have worked very hard to transform my body from cubby post baby to hot mama again. It’s all good to see the nice posed shots but you can also see the hard work in my favourite post baby real life shots!

August 2010 – post Lillian

June 2012 – post Katrina

Lately I’ve had a few people tell me that I should stop losing weight since I’ve hit a good point, but honestly I want to lose some more. Though, maybe not right now. I know that sounds a bit funny, but I’ve been warned (by many people) that losing weight and marathon training are not a good combination. So with another 3 months of training ahead of me, my goal is to finish my marathon in under 5 hours of time and under 150lbs weight. I do want to get under 140lbs eventually, but I’ve spent the last year focused on losing weight, and I think a few months of learning to listen to my body properly so I can fuel it as best I can for my runs, and letting my brain catch up with what I look like on the outside, will do me some good.

So I’ll provide another update in 3 months which will either be right before or just after my marathon so we’ll see how many inches this crazy running is going to drop off my body.

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