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Best cold ever.

Okay, this cold is annoying but is the best cold I’ve had since I started to have children. I mean the worst was the one that became the sinus infection, but this one is not so bad. I have a cough and a sore throat that comes and goes, but literally it is all in my throat. My chest is FINE, and my nose is good to go. My husband is loving the fact that I asked him to make me some Neocitron (he is the expert of it) and my voice is crackling so it comes and goes. Mostly it goes though, so today was pretty quiet. Katrina still seems to be missing it, thank goodness, and Steve feels his is the same. Lillian is doing well. A bit of a slacker today, so since it rained all day, we just had a pj TV day.

One sleepy mama and my lovely little ladies.

I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself because I managed to run despite the cold. I am really happy that the cold doesn’t disturb my runs. I did sweat a LOT more than normal and much faster than normal but I still managed to do 6km which is exactly what I should be doing for my rest week. I hope my cold doesn’t get any worse (knock on wood) and that my girls keep fighting it or not getting it. Though I must say I find it very odd that both Steve and I got flu shots and now we’re both sick. I’m not saying the shot was the cause but it is a bit suspicious to me.

Finally we are having a dinner party on Friday with one of Steve’s groomsman and his wonderful wife, who happens to have the same birthday as me, and their lovely baby girl. I’m very excited to meet another baby and have another friend for my ladies! I love to cook, and I love to try out new things so I have set up a challenge for myself. I plan to cook the whole meal with only buying 5 ingredients in addition to what I have in the house already! I’m very excited! They are bringing dessert and I have cream/milk for coffee and tea. We also have some delicious blackberry wine my mommy made for me, and I’m thinking of making a Latin Beef Stew for the main meal. I just got my organic veggies yesterday and I actually have EVERYTHING I need for this stew in my kitchen right now! I figure that with a mixture of brown rice and quinoa will be a great dinner. The fancy part will be my appetizers. I am also planning on making fresh bread, and maybe not from the bread maker. I am thinking buns or french bread, to use with a sort of brushetta but I haven’t decided yet. Honestly I have to look at some recipes and see what I can make. I’m very excited by this challenge. I promise to take some photos of my yummy creations!

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