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Willing myself to be happy!

Hi bloggers! These past few weeks have been INSANE and now they are over, and I expected to feel relieve, but actually I feel empty, a little sad, and really, really confused. I know myself, and I am a crazy bubbly happy person, but today I’m not. I find myself in a rather dark place. I have been here before and it wasn’t pretty, and feeling myself sliding back there was not fun or what I expected after the busy time was over.

But I’ve decided not to let it effect me. I’m going to focus on being happy and try to enjoy the fruits of my labor! I planned a fabulous function last week that went off without a hitch! Steve brought the girls for a bit. You can see them below trying to feed my girlfriends little baby. They had a blast, got to meet some of my coworkers, and ate far too many cupcakes.

IMG_4173After they left I finished my job, and I think the event went really well. Not as well as the Friday event, which for the record ROCKED! But I then I went back to my office to send a few quick emails and print a few things before Monday. So hopefully now my work will get back to more usual levels and not the crazy insane load I had for the past 5 weeks.

Yes I’m aware I am spouting nonsense which is why I’m done writing.


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