Feeling like I Lost a friend.

I feel as if I’ve lost a friend. Two weeks ago I had a talk with my coach about my fears of not being able to complete around the bay due to being so extremely exhausted from my pregnancy, and we both concluded that I am not able to run enough to safely get through the 30km race without risking injury to myself. So we both agreed that I shouldn’t run the race. Giving up the race has meant that I didn’t need to run 20k on Saturdays anymore, and frankly the consequence was that I haven’t run since we made that choice.

Now this weekend I was crazy busy having to work on Saturday but the weeks before that I was just too drained to manage any distance. It makes me feel as if I’ve lost a dear friend. I’m moody, cranky and just exhausted. I know this is part of pregnancy and I don’t want to complain but I miss the stress relief of my runs. I miss feeling in control of my weight by running (my scale and I are not on speaking terms at the moment because of how much weight I’ve already gained). I miss the time to myself. Steve has been super busy with homework and work, and I am trying really hard to give him all the time that he needs to get his stuff done, and the consequence for me is that I am tired and drained all the time, but at least we get a baby at the end right?

IMG_4535 IMG_4530 IMG_4520

Funny pregnancy cravings.

Okay, I am seriously turning into one of those crazy pregnant ladies who sees food and WANTS it. I ate pickles like crazy (I’ve always loved pickles and I eat them on my lunch sandwich not on ice cream), and I have started to eat ice cream again (since running Alice doesn’t eat ice cream), and I am the most suggestible person ever. My coadvisor got pizza for lunch on Friday, so guess what we had for dinner Friday? Yup pizza! I got peanuts in my head and made Quinoa peanut soup Thursday and then made Pad Thai on Saturday. I think my husband thinks I’ve lost my mind but I eat what the baby wants. I do try to make it at home since my pad thai has much lower calories than at a restaurant. I also find our grocery bills are a bit higher, since I buy what I want to eat even when I eat before I go shopping. Oh well, welcome to pregnancy right!


I’ve been struggling with my runs this week because I have some residual fatigue from my ten day marathon cold. Steve laughs and reminds me that I’m pregnant so I should be tired a bit. I seem to forget that pregnant Alice isn’t super Alice and so can’t do everything I want to do! I dropped my pace, and do more walk running than running so hopefully that will make a difference. So I’m honestly not sure whether I can make my 30k goal, but I am going to continue working towards it ad see how it goes over the next few weeks. I can’t get my 5k runs done during the week but I can do my long runs on the weekend. Go figure!

Wish me luck!

Finally on the mend

Okay, I have been sick for over 10 days now, and I am finally on the mend! Thank goodness! I hate being sick and being sick for that long is just awful! Worst of all is that I spent about 4 days of those 10 horribly sick either in bed or also feeling like death on a plate and looking worse than that. So I went to the doctor on Friday and guess what I have a sinus infection! So now that I’ve been on anti-bionics for a few days I am feeling more like me.

That means that after 14 days of not running (due to being so crazy sick) I got my butt on the treadmill today and managed to do my required 15km. Instead of doing my normal 7 minutes running followed by 1 minute walking, I did a walk-run treadmill run. That means I walked and ran whenever I could.

So I got my 15km run in and I feel awesome! I got through half the distance I need to do for my Around the Bay race. That is promising for me. So now I’m hopeful that this week will be better for me with the drugs kicking in and starting to feel more like me. Steve has been a fantastic husband the past week since I was horribly sick. He worked hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible while the kids were running crazy while I was sick. So if you’re reading this Steve thanks!




Down for the Count.

This week was a rest week and I am so thankful for that. I woke up on Sunday and felt horrible. I spent most of Sunday in bed or on a couch reading and resting. Lucky for me I managed to get my 10k long run in on Saturday by running on the treadmill as it was too foggy and too slippery outside.

I tried to force myself to rest and save my strength. I’m very lucky to have my husband home and care enough to manage the kids for me today so that I could rest. He put his need for homework time aside so I could nap, and read and nap some more. So thanks sweetie!

Now I’m going to cut this blog short and go rest!


2014 News and Updates!

Hello blog readers that are still there (if there are any of you!). Sorry I haven’t written much. But taking a course while working full time, training and having two busy girls who have their own activities now has left me no time for anything else. Seriously, I didn’t even read a none Statistics textbook, book all Fall! So now I’m about to get even busier but am going to try to post once a week. My goal will be Mondays so that I can try to find a half hour to figure things out and get something written down.

I’m starting my Factors of 30 racing (as my previous post indicated) and am planning to complete 12 races this year. 1 race of 30km, 2 races of 15km, 3 races of 10km and 6 races of 5km. The math geeks out there will immediately recognize those as all the factors of 30 which happens to be how old I turned at the end of December! So now I have until my 31st birthday to complete these. For a seasoned runner like myself, they shouldn’t be a problem, and having run a marathon in 2012 I should have no problems with the 30km distance, and maybe even mange a PR or two. At least that is what you would expect, but that is not what is going to happen. There will be NO PRs in my races, there will not be “rocking it”, there will only be completing it, and honestly a few of these races will be walked.

Now why is that you might ask? Well go to my previous post and take a really good look at my mid-section, and yup, you guessed it. I’m currently pregnant with baby #3. So while I will not let this stop my Factors of 30 races, it does mean I have to take it easy on my races. My doctor has approved me to run my 30k one too and he’s happy that I’ll be 20 weeks when I do so, as that is the best time to do it, but after I hit the third trimester in the late Spring/early Summer, there will be no running but rather fast walking the race or two at that time, and then waiting until 6 or 8 weeks postpartum to do anything else means I won’t be racing again until October, so that won’t leave me with many races before my birthday. So I will be squeezing in most of them before the third trimester, at least the big ones. I’m sure a 5km walk once I’m huge would be approved!

So that is my update for now. I’m going to do my best to blog at least once a week (with the posting being on Monday). I’ll blog about my training, my pregnancy and of course my monkies!

Race 1 of 12!

Today was my first race of 2014 and my first race of my new goal!

Brita Resolution Run – 5km (1 of 6) 39:50!

Here I am before and after the run! There is a funny story with this race. I was originally signed up for the 10km run but was a bit concerned about how it would affect my around the bay race training this weekend, so was torn about whether to do 5km or 10km. This race is not chip timed so swapping races would have been fairly easy for me. However, when I read the times it said 12pm. So at 10:30am this morning I started to get ready, only to realize that the 10km race actually began at 10am and the 5km walk started at 12pm. So my race was already half an hour in and I was 25 minutes from the place. Opps! Since my coach and official person of approving oddities in my Factors of 30 races was on a plane to Cuba, I let Steve make the call. He agreed, that slapping on my race number and running 5km around our house WOULD count in my factors of 30 races, since I did pay for the race, and my name is on their site, and since there is no chip timing there are no results online to confirm it anyway.

So I am happy to report that as of January 1st, I have completed 1/12 of my Factors of 30 races, and am already registered for one of the 15km races, and the 30km race!

Resolution 5km Before Resolution 5km


Lillian’s party was a huge hit on Saturday. We ended up with a total of 8 kids between the ages of 9 months and 4 with Lillian being the oldest, and it was a blast. My mathie friends and I noted that we beat our degrees / person average from June where we had 11 degrees over 9 people (of which 4 were under the age of 4). Here we had 14 degrees over 11 people with 5 aged 4 or less. Crazy how many really smart friends we have but I guess that’s unavoidable when you work with professors. IMG_4333 copy 
So the activity was the pumpkin decorating and the kids LOVED it. They all got to decorate and take home a pie pumpkin, and the kids took turns and all their pumpkins looked great, even if the giant pompoms everyone wanted for noses would not stay on no matter how much glue we used! But it kept them happy and entertained for a bit. They even played nicely together. Sure it looks like chaos, but to keep 9 kids happy is a real achievement! See for yourself! Yes there are only 7 kids captured in this shot but not one of them is crying! SUCCESS!

IMG_4350So enjoy the final shot of my peanut (dressed as Blue from Blue’s Clues, so yes Lillian is Magenta from Blue’s Clues) being her silly little self and have a great day!


Simple things.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. The thank you for holding a door or just doing your job, a cup of coffee that tastes extra good, a kind reminder from someone about something that you would have forgotten, a hug. Today was one of those days, filled with so many little things to be thankful for, so I decided to write them down so next time I’m feeling sad or frazzled I can remember this day and know that not all of them are bad, and some are even perfect!IMG_4313

  • Got in on time after not waking up at night.
  • My class ended early. I love 10 extra minutes in my morning!
  • Not one, but two coworkers bought me coffee. Funny enough they have the same first name.
  • I made someone’s day by moving his course to a closer building (big deal in my department).
  • I got a hug from my co-advisor who is on mat leave! I love when she just appears for no reason.
  • My lunch was really yummy!
  • My daughters were talkative, but really sweet all night long (no fighting, yelling or whining).
  • The new associate chair in our group was very impressed with my knowledge of one of our systems, and very happy with how I handled a situation, and told me and the professor so.
  • My friend is doing a Christmas cookie exchange (awesome!) which I will participate in again.
  • The head of my department wrote me a great letter for the petition I’m doing to get permission to do the Minor in Math.
  • I had a great run after Steve got home despite it being dark and having to run in the city.
  • My cold is getting better.

I don’t know if I’m just in a good mood today, or if I’m subconsciously being thankful for things, since a dear friend lost her mother yesterday, but I’m going to try to keep thinking positive and keep this up.

Thrifty Thursday!

Okay, this weekend is my daughter’s birthday party, so I thought I would write about saving some money on a party.

My oldest is an October baby so we do a Halloween themed party the last weekend of October. Easy theme and your house is decorated for everything already. Keeps decorating costs down. A few simple things, like a Halloween themed plate or napkins and

For party favours, we usually do simple and natural things. In October it’s mini-pumpkins that I use the dollar store to buy decorations for the pumpkins. I get the pie pumpkins for $2 at the local farm, and then another $1 for the decorations. Then I set up the craft table with paints and shapes to make faces with. Simple, inexpensive and provides a party activity for he kids. Two things for the price of one!

For food, I’ve learned that things like veggie and fruit trays can be pricey, but making your own isn’t that hard. You have to decide if you have the hour or two to spend doing them, and if not it may be worth it to save yourself the trouble and buy the ready made trays. I always make the cake, because honestly a package is a few bucks, and a from scratch cake can be made for under $10 including icing, but buying a cake costs $20 or more! For major food, we know the local pizza place that has a great pepperoni walk in special, so a few of those XL pizzas feeds a crown, for $8 each! Food is a great place to save some money.

Finally, keep the numbers down. Don’t invite a whole bunch of kids. We have a party for a 4 year old, and we’re having 9 kids in total at the party, ranging from 1 to 4 years old. Lots of fun, and not to much crazy.

So we’ll be having a play date with  pizza, fruit and veggie trays, cake and cookies. The party will be simple but lots of fun! Photos to follow afterwards!

IMG_4311 IMG_4312