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The crazy didn’t come!

So yesterday marked the end of day two for the start of term, and while I am still working crazy hours (averaging 10+ hour days that start at 7:15am) and also working at night at home, the crazy swarm of students didn’t hit. My boss is hesitant and wondering if they are hiding out and will show up on Thursday or Friday, but I pulled the list of students from our course wait list and low and behold, over 50 students on are on that list. I don’t mean 50 requests, but 50 individual students. In total around 10 have shown up to advising to ask me when they’ll hear back about the list, but that still leaves 40 students who emailed, went on the list, and have not stood in my line. That’s pretty much the same number I saw on Monday! That’s where my line went!

So I figure those who get a no, will appear again Friday or Monday to argue their case for why they should be allowed, but that still is not the end of the world. I’ll just make sure my boss is free so anyone who won’t take no for an answer, and there are always one or two, can be diverted right to him, and be told a firmer no from someone with more authority than I have. But the rest, will hopefully do what we suggest and sign up for the course next term. So thanks to my two awesome coadvisors, the one who is also doing advising hours for my students and the one who informed those students in line what forms would and would not be handled in the first week, my week has been really good.

Let’s hope it stays that way and the week ends up being much, much better than I could ever have expected!

IMG_4052Class of 2034 everyone! Please no photos!

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