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Currently Experiencing Technological Difficulties

My husband has always warned me that you should not update any software for a good amount of time after the update has come out because it takes time to work out the bugs. Apparently no one told this to the main office where I work.

I love the idea of using tools and new things to make life easer. I understand that new systems take time to work themselves out and there are going to be issues. Currently I’m dealing with a new program that is a bit of a pain in the butt. I honestly believe that it will be helpful in the future, after it’s settled and the kinks are worked out, but right now it doubles my work so it isn’t very much fun. I also hate that it’s compounded by the fact that it happens to fall on a bad time of term, and just a bad year with my co-advisor on maternity leave. But that’s part of life right?

It’s no different than the time I updated my ipod software and lost my entire playlist collection. In the end my playlists were much better, and more well thought out. So there is always the chance that it will end up being better. I lose some control here, but the system makes better use of our space, and that is important as the number of students at all universities keeps going up.

And as always there is a silver lining to the update issue. I found out on Friday that simply by buying a new license to a software program on my computer, we  were able to update it so that all the files created are owned by me and not my predecessor. I’ve been there for over 5 years now, so it’s about time! I’m sure it was more involved than that for our IT department but they rock and now I’m happy. And that same update is now on my home laptop, that I’ll be using to work for the next month at home and in the office a bit, so when I need to work from home my files will just work, and not require my Masters of Computer Science husband to help convert them for me! Hurray for upgrades!

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