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Apparently I’m broken!

I finally put myself on my priority list (thanks to my 2013 goal of being happier and healthy) and got my butt to the physiotherapist on Friday to have myself checked out. The reason my bum has been hurting is that my back is tight and because I’m so cautious of it that puts pressure on other areas, like my butt! Along with that my deep ab muscles are gone from having two babies so close together. I asked my good running friend if she knew why my butt would hurt and she didn’t. My physiotherapist said I have a common mommy problem, which explains why my coach didn’t know of it. She hasn’t had children yet, and played a lot of sports in university and before so she have rock hard muscular abs! My new knee pain is simply from squatting too much to pick up Katrina, and my butt pain moving down along the muscles.

So the results are that I have to work on rebuilding my abs, and my pelvic floor (you can google that one) little by little. She has also forbidden me from running for two weeks (at least) so that my knee heals. The muscle or ligament (can’t remember which) is inflamed and slightly out of place, but she said rest will set it right. So I figured two weeks of no running is worth it for many more years of happy running. She has recommended to me to do yoga, swimming, walking or biking for this time. So I figure that Cecilia and I will be doing yoga for the next while in place of the high energy dance fitness classes (since these are a no-no for my knee). She also doesn’t think I’ll be healed enough for the half-marathon in April, but that’s fine, I’m not sad about that since I’ve run three of them already. I’ll get another one after I’m all healed up.

So now I’m trying to avoid picking up my baby too much and no squatting and thankfully I’ve been forbidden to run during a crazy busy week at work. I can live with this!

Katrina at New Year’s dinner! No no don’t bother me when I’m eating.

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