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December Summary

So I have to say this is my least favourite summary EVER! December was a bit of a bust for me weight less wise.

I started the month at 171.8lbs and ended it at 171.4lbs which means I only lost 0.4lbs this whole month. I have to say with all honestly that I am bummed by this and pretty much feel like this whole month was a waste of time! I know that I had my birthday this month, we celebrated 3 Christmas’, my step-father’s birthday, my step-mother’s birthday, and my work Christmas party. So I should be thankful that I lost this month at all but I feel as if I failed myself regarding my weight loss journey. I know I put too much pressure on myself to lose it as fast as I did with Lillian but I think I’m at a plateau and I am not even half way through the weight loss journey so I should not be hitting one yet. I just hope that if I am in a plateau that my bootcamp in January will knock this plateau on it’s butt.

My running was a lot better this month than my weight loss. I managed to run a total of 143.74 km in 17 hours and 21 minutes, which puts this month as the second most kms run since I had Katrina. So maybe I worked out too much and that’s why I didn’t lose more weight. I think we should go with that theory. The breakdown of the runs are 4.63 km or 33:35 per day! And I managed to rock my speed up to 8.28 km/hr this month.

So I am going to take this month as a positive even if my losses were sad since my runs were so awesome.

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