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Happy 3 months!

This week it’s a Wordy Wednesday, instead of Wordless Wednesday.

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Yesterday my son turned 3 months old. I’m happy and excited about how big he’s getting and what a cute little guy he is becoming, but I’m also sad.

First the happy.

  • He’s growing big and strong.
  • At 3 months, I’m running and he is still keeping his chunky, baby look, whereas the girls were turning skinny mini by 3 months.
  • He sleeps great at night, waking up about twice a night now (around 1:30am and again between 5 and 6am) which allows me to stay very well rested.
  • He is eating so well, and now is usually done in 15 or 20 minutes rather than the 45 he needed at the beginning.
  • He still has blue eyes, and he still has all his black/dark brown hair, so no bald spot.
  • He is getting active and loves to wiggle in his play mat, and is always looking around to see what’s going on.
  • He’s really vocal now with cooing and he gives his smiles to everyone.
  • He also loves when I sing to him, and our song is “Baby Mine” from Dumbo, though I sing it for multiple babies when the girls are around.

On to the sad part. My little guy is no longer a newborn, and I will never have a newborn again. We have moved him into the nursery so I will never have a baby sleeping in my bedroom. I know I’ll be going through a lot of these feelings the next while as Zack grows out of things. I didn’t think these would effect me as much as this first one has. I thought I’d be okay with it, but the first one happened and now I feel sad. He also grew out of the newborn diapers at our diaper service, and his 3 month clothes, but the move to the nursery really hit me hard.

So now I have to learn to handle the feelings that will come up as he grows up and out of the baby things I am used to seeing and will have to say goodbye to. So now enjoy my sleeping baby video and photos.

IMG_6375 IMG_6377

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