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October Summary!

So my October went pretty good! I dropped 4.0lbs which is the lowest first month of weight loss from my three pregnancies but I also never had a first month that included a huge family event. Katrina’s was in August, and Lillian’s was January, and neither of those have a special day, but this October had the joint baptism/5th birthday on Thanksgiving weekend, which meant a LOT of food! So I will happily take my 4lbs lost, and know that I did drop 4.5lbs the first month after Katrina, so that is really close considering the event.

My running has started out pretty slow, with only 30.62km run this entire month. I did this in 5 hours and 33 minutes, or 10 minutes 34 seconds (10:34) a day! My distance is just under 1km a day, 988 metres if you want to get particular. My speed was 6.8km/hr and the pace was 8:44 pace. Next month I hope to be faster! I started with a 1/1 walk/run and at the end was up to a 2/6 walk/run so rather than a half run and walk, I have moved up to only a quarter walk. At the end of November I hope to be able to run for our 5.2km conservation route straight.

Always good to have goals!

2014-10-20 09.01.15

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