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Friday Weigh in.

Ops. I’m pretty bad at updating my weigh ins on Fridays. So on Halloween I was down to 195lbs. That put me down 4lbs for my first month on Weight Watchers. Go me!! I didn’t run that far in October so I am hopeful that if I run further and faster in the coming months that the weight loss will speed up. Part of me is a bit sad that it’s only 4lbs, considering my first month trying to lose weight after Lillian I lost 11lbs in the first month, but with Katrina I lost 4.5lbs in the first month, so I am pretty much on my way.

Today was not bad. I managed to drop 0.6lbs despite being surrounded by mountains and mountains of Hallowe’en candy. So while it isn’t the +1.0lbs loss I was hoping for I will happily take it, because slow and steady wins the race!

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