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Training Tuesday on a Thursday!

Oct 27-2 Week 4 of 11
2014-10-27 Rest Day
2014-10-28 3.92km 6 run/2 walk intervals — (7:49, 7:35, 7:34, 7:12 = 7:33 avg pace)
2014-10-29 Rest Day
2014-10-30 3.86km 6 min run/ 2 min walk (7:56, 7:56, 7:37, 7:46 = average pace 7:49)
2014-10-31 Rest Day
2014-11-01 XT Did 2 sets of my strength training
2014-11-02 3.87km 6 min run/ 2 min walk (7:51, 7:39, 7:42, 7:35 = average pace 7:42)
Total: 11.65 km YTD: 113.32km

I started this week with a reminder from my coach of the rules of increasing things. The rule is 10%. So if you are running by time, 10% is the most you can increase it by in a week, and if you are running by distance, 10% is the most you can increase it by in a single week. So this week I planned to add an extra lap on Saturday, but there was a problem, the lap length already pushed me from 90 to 96 minutes, so upping time was not an option this week. Instead I decided to add a cross training.  Yes you read that correctly. I did cross training! My husband helped me set up a strength training routine that I did once this past week and now will start working on doing it at least 1 time a week and sometimes 2 if I have the time and strength. That still leaves me with 1-2 rest days for when I manage to up my running to 4 times a week instead of the current 3.

Lunges -left leg Lunges -right leg Left leg squat Right leg squat Pushups Dumbbel lat row* -left Dumbbel lat row* -right Seated triceps press* -both Triceps dips Bicep Curl -both

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