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Weekend Wrap up.

We had a very quiet and eventful weekend in our house.


Halloween was a big hit in our house. The girls had one costume during the day, and another worn over a thick jogging suit to fetch candy. Zack and I handed out our candy at home.

2014-10-31 08.57.57 IMG_6262

I got new running shoes on Friday, which were a great deal (last pair of men’s size 8.5 Progrid guide 5, which I got for $40 and they usually retain for $159)! Then on Saturday, we ran an errand at Wal-mart and picked up some 10lbs weights. Then Steve took his daughters out for lunch, while Zack and I hung around the house together. We played and did house work, until they returned. Then we watched Tangled as a family and had a lovely evening. We also learned this week that Zack likes to play in his baby play mat and that he can sit in his bumbo chair now. He just needs the couch or something behind him to rest his head on after a while. Finally on Sunday, Steve spent some alone time at chapters, and the girls and I watched Brave. Once Steve was home we headed to the park for about and hour to get some of their energy out.

The other exciting thing? It snowed this weekend. Saturday we woke up to the first snow of the season and our kids slept in until 7:30am on Sunday, and yes that would be the new day light savings 7:30am so really 8:30!

Like I said, a very eventful weekend.

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