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So despite having my daughter’s birthday party on Sunday, including dairy queen ice cream cake, combined with my son’s baptism, and another this time homemade cake, and then eating those leftovers all week. We also had the leftovers of the fabulous food we made, including lasagna, cheese, fruit, vegetables, sausage and the like. Seriously, I ate 3 pieces of ice cream cake this week and 4 of my homemade cake! But ultimately I still did okay!

I am down 0.8lbs this week despite my junky snacking and over eating. So I am very pleased with myself and will work hard on eating better this week, even after having my daughter’s actual birthday today, which meant more take out (mmmm chicken balls) and another dessert, though we were smart and did cupcakes!

Total loss to date: 3.8/44lbs

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