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Family photo shoot.

On Sunday we hit a local park to take our annual family photos! Thanks to Cecilia for taking them for us! I’m proud of both Steve and I for doing this. Every year we take a Fall family photo because that’s when our wedding was and we have kept that season alive for our photos, but this year we both kinda wanted to skip it. I still feel a little self conscious about my post baby shape and Steve’s barber moved and he hasn’t found one he likes yet, so he is very unhappy with his hair. But I figured, in 5 or 10 or 25 years from now, we’d regret not having the 2014 fall photos much more than we’d dislike our appearance at this point in our lives.

IMG_5898 IMG_5899 IMG_5906

We had to fight to get Katrina to say still long enough to get a photo, as you can see above! She wouldn’t look at the camera, hence the photo of us all looking to the side! But in the end my girlfriend managed to trick her into joining a family photo when she finished picking flowers and wanted to give them to mommy. IMG_5921

We had no problems with Zack until the end so it was very lucky considering it was only 7 degrees out when we took the photos!


I should point out that we do NOT normally let our daughters pick flowers out of the gardens at the park, but as you can tell they were all pretty much dead or on their last leg, so we figured it was okay.

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