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First day sillies.

Wednesday was Katrina’s first day at home without daycare. She was a bit sassy as in not listening to me or doing what I asked but she had a good day. We dropped Lillian off at the bus and danced in the leaves. Then we went to Ballet. For lunch she ate hot dogs and mac & cheese while I ate the leftovers from yesterday. Then we had some TV time. Then she played a bit, while Zack napped and mommy worked on the computer. Then we went to get Lillian. She did her own thing when she wanted.

I was a bit frustrated that she wasn’t listening but the day went much better than I expected so I am really hopeful for tomorrow. And don’t you love this girl’s style!?

2014-10-01 08.57.53 2014-10-01 13.34.16 IMG_5796 IMG_5797

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