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Busy Weekend.

On Saturday we took the kids to the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese festival. This was exciting for us because it was the first fair we all went to since Zack was born. We didn’t stay too long, or do too much, but the girls got to ride the ponies, eat fresh french fries, get popcorn and balloons and drink apple cider. Zack was fascinated by the old antique cars driving around. 80% of our visit was great and fun, while 20% was stress dealing with unhappy kids who were dropping their popcorn and didn’t want to use the bathroom, or didn’t want to walk.

But ultimately we had a good time. I love the time we spent with our family, and that the girls had a great time, even if Katrina claimed that she didn’t. Lately that is her thing.

IMG_5787 IMG_5790 IMG_5791

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