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Bottle that smell.

You can photograph a moment of peace and beauty. You can record a sound or a squeak if you time it right. But there is no way to bottle that sweet new baby smell and keep it forever! In twelve years or so he’ll turn into a stinky puberty riddled boy and he will STINK. Right now he smells so wonderful and I just want to keep that forever. It’s hard because he’s so sweet, and tiny (even if he’s very vocal all the time) and just smells great, and squeaks so cutely all the time! I keep trying to catch him smiling and get a photo of it, or a video of him giggling at me and so far no luck. But I have lots of time to get that, and as he gets a bit older we’ll actually have him smiling more so it will get easier.

Right now I’m trying to enjoy my time with him (even when he’s crying) because I know he is our last little baby and years from now I would give anything to be able to go back and just hold him again for a few minutes while he’s this tiny and precious. It’s important to enjoy these moments while you have them because like everyone says, kids grow up fast, and I saw that with both the girls.


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