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Little man is growing.

Zack is 17 days old today, and he is GROWING. Yesterday was a very long and rough day for us. As I did with the girls I am solely breastfeeding Zack and  all he wanted to do was nurse. I have a fantastic app that tracks his eating, sleeping, diapers, etc… and he usually nurses an average of 4-5 hours a day total split around 10 feedings. Well on Wednesday he nursed for over 7 hours split around 14 feedings! And to top it off he didn’t want to sleep. Normally he sleeps around 12-14 hours, but on Wednesday it was 8.5 hours. So he pretty much spent as much time eating as sleeping and the rest he was pretty fussy and only wanted mommy. Even with mommy he was still pretty cranky. So what does that mean? Well considering he’s between 2 and 3 weeks old, it means he’s got his first growth spurt, most likely. Today he just seems to want to sleep. He’s already slept almost as much today as he did yesterday and it’s only 2pm.

So while growth spurts are how babies grow, and the extra sleep today means I got to cook real food for lunch and prep stuff for dinner today and tomorrow so my family will get real food and not take-out or boxed stuff again, it does mean a closet cleansing will be coming pretty soon too. All those teeny tiny newborn things are going to be gone, and he’ll be into the 3 month things. I suspect he’s going to be a hefty little guy, especially compared to his skinny mini sisters who were always on the small side for weight.

He thinks he can fly!

He thinks he can fly!

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