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Feeling like I Lost a friend.

I feel as if I’ve lost a friend. Two weeks ago I had a talk with my coach about my fears of not being able to complete around the bay due to being so extremely exhausted from my pregnancy, and we both concluded that I am not able to run enough to safely get through the 30km race without risking injury to myself. So we both agreed that I shouldn’t run the race. Giving up the race has meant that I didn’t need to run 20k on Saturdays anymore, and frankly the consequence was that I haven’t run since we made that choice.

Now this weekend I was crazy busy having to work on Saturday but the weeks before that I was just too drained to manage any distance. It makes me feel as if I’ve lost a dear friend. I’m moody, cranky and just exhausted. I know this is part of pregnancy and I don’t want to complain but I miss the stress relief of my runs. I miss feeling in control of my weight by running (my scale and I are not on speaking terms at the moment because of how much weight I’ve already gained). I miss the time to myself. Steve has been super busy with homework and work, and I am trying really hard to give him all the time that he needs to get his stuff done, and the consequence for me is that I am tired and drained all the time, but at least we get a baby at the end right?

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