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Funny pregnancy cravings.

Okay, I am seriously turning into one of those crazy pregnant ladies who sees food and WANTS it. I ate pickles like crazy (I’ve always loved pickles and I eat them on my lunch sandwich not on ice cream), and I have started to eat ice cream again (since running Alice doesn’t eat ice cream), and I am the most suggestible person ever. My coadvisor got pizza for lunch on Friday, so guess what we had for dinner Friday? Yup pizza! I got peanuts in my head and made Quinoa peanut soup Thursday and then made Pad Thai on Saturday. I think my husband thinks I’ve lost my mind but I eat what the baby wants. I do try to make it at home since my pad thai has much lower calories than at a restaurant. I also find our grocery bills are a bit higher, since I buy what I want to eat even when I eat before I go shopping. Oh well, welcome to pregnancy right!


I’ve been struggling with my runs this week because I have some residual fatigue from my ten day marathon cold. Steve laughs and reminds me that I’m pregnant so I should be tired a bit. I seem to forget that pregnant Alice isn’t super Alice and so can’t do everything I want to do! I dropped my pace, and do more walk running than running so hopefully that will make a difference. So I’m honestly not sure whether I can make my 30k goal, but I am going to continue working towards it ad see how it goes over the next few weeks. I can’t get my 5k runs done during the week but I can do my long runs on the weekend. Go figure!

Wish me luck!

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