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2014 News and Updates!

Hello blog readers that are still there (if there are any of you!). Sorry I haven’t written much. But taking a course while working full time, training and having two busy girls who have their own activities now has left me no time for anything else. Seriously, I didn’t even read a none Statistics textbook, book all Fall! So now I’m about to get even busier but am going to try to post once a week. My goal will be Mondays so that I can try to find a half hour to figure things out and get something written down.

I’m starting my Factors of 30 racing (as my previous post indicated) and am planning to complete 12 races this year. 1 race of 30km, 2 races of 15km, 3 races of 10km and 6 races of 5km. The math geeks out there will immediately recognize those as all the factors of 30 which happens to be how old I turned at the end of December! So now I have until my 31st birthday to complete these. For a seasoned runner like myself, they shouldn’t be a problem, and having run a marathon in 2012 I should have no problems with the 30km distance, and maybe even mange a PR or two. At least that is what you would expect, but that is not what is going to happen. There will be NO PRs in my races, there will not be “rocking it”, there will only be completing it, and honestly a few of these races will be walked.

Now why is that you might ask? Well go to my previous post and take a really good look at my mid-section, and yup, you guessed it. I’m currently pregnant with baby #3. So while I will not let this stop my Factors of 30 races, it does mean I have to take it easy on my races. My doctor has approved me to run my 30k one too and he’s happy that I’ll be 20 weeks when I do so, as that is the best time to do it, but after I hit the third trimester in the late Spring/early Summer, there will be no running but rather fast walking the race or two at that time, and then waiting until 6 or 8 weeks postpartum to do anything else means I won’t be racing again until October, so that won’t leave me with many races before my birthday. So I will be squeezing in most of them before the third trimester, at least the big ones. I’m sure a 5km walk once I’m huge would be approved!

So that is my update for now. I’m going to do my best to blog at least once a week (with the posting being on Monday). I’ll blog about my training, my pregnancy and of course my monkies!

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