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Simple things.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. The thank you for holding a door or just doing your job, a cup of coffee that tastes extra good, a kind reminder from someone about something that you would have forgotten, a hug. Today was one of those days, filled with so many little things to be thankful for, so I decided to write them down so next time I’m feeling sad or frazzled I can remember this day and know that not all of them are bad, and some are even perfect!IMG_4313

  • Got in on time after not waking up at night.
  • My class ended early. I love 10 extra minutes in my morning!
  • Not one, but two coworkers bought me coffee. Funny enough they have the same first name.
  • I made someone’s day by moving his course to a closer building (big deal in my department).
  • I got a hug from my co-advisor who is on mat leave! I love when she just appears for no reason.
  • My lunch was really yummy!
  • My daughters were talkative, but really sweet all night long (no fighting, yelling or whining).
  • The new associate chair in our group was very impressed with my knowledge of one of our systems, and very happy with how I handled a situation, and told me and the professor so.
  • My friend is doing a Christmas cookie exchange (awesome!) which I will participate in again.
  • The head of my department wrote me a great letter for the petition I’m doing to get permission to do the Minor in Math.
  • I had a great run after Steve got home despite it being dark and having to run in the city.
  • My cold is getting better.

I don’t know if I’m just in a good mood today, or if I’m subconsciously being thankful for things, since a dear friend lost her mother yesterday, but I’m going to try to keep thinking positive and keep this up.

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