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Statistics is fun!

So we’re heading into week 7 of the Fall term, and for me that means half of my Statistics course is finished. So far I rocked a 60/60 on my first assignment, and a 38/50 on my first test. My next assignment is due Tuesday and I finished it on Saturday night, and plan to have it looked over by my coworkers who have previously taught the course. We have a deal. They will tell me if I am completely off, as in using the wrong formula or such, but not look at the actual answers. Just my process. I’m really excited to be half way through my course and ROCKING it!

I’ve been working really hard. I do all my homework, all my readings, all the sample questions, attend every single lecture, and I am understanding everything that I am being taught. I’m so excited that I am doing amazing in my course, and I have been thinking about what course I want to do in the Winter. Right now I’m contemplating taking a bunch more math courses and earning a math minor (from outside the math faculty). I may not be able to get it put on my degree since rules are pretty strict about not reprinting degrees, but usually you can get a letter from the registrar’s office to say you have earned the minor, despite it not being on your degree.

So now I have my next ten math courses picked out and can enjoy knowing that I will rock these courses and actually end up with something at the end instead of just taking random courses. Hurray for a math minor specifically for people outside of the math faculty. Woot! So now I just have to wait and figure out if I want to take algebra or calculus. Exciting!! I am really afraid of calculus and need to get over that, but at the same time, I did really well in Algebra for Arts students so it may be better to get more Algebra in. So many choices, and I am super excited about it!

Math is FUN!

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