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Magic Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

I am feeliIMG_4151ng so much more positive today! I had a fantastic weekend. I got some extra sleep. I ran off to Ikea with my girlfriend, hit Costco and the Lindt outlet. Seriously who doesn’t love a chocolate outlet?! But the long drive to Ikea was a great time for us to catch up and for me to get all the work stress off my shoulders. I had calmed down a lot from the stress of the past few weeks and didn’t even need to vent a lot, which surprised me. My girlfriend said that not needing to complain shows that I am adjusting better to the craziness. Both of us agree that I am just not used to that much stress, since my life and job went from zero to like a thousand on the stress scale, and I just need to learn how to better adjust to it. So I’m going to track all the fantastic things that helped me get through the stress, like knitting, and running and eating healthy and sleeping lots (though stress insomnia made that hard).

IMG_4145I had a great day today at work. I had a meeting with both my boss (and his boss who is my old boss) to talk about how to make my job a bit more manageable during my busy time of term. I’m really happy about that meeting. I feel like things are finally getting better. Funny how having a plan makes you feel better about all the crazy happening around you. I even rewrote my white board, and split it into my To Do List, which is all the crazy little things I’m working on, and Projects is the list of hard work major things that I am doing that are going to take a long time to finish up. So at least I can start knocking things off the to do list since they are the little things and today I knocked 3 of them off. Go me!

So enjoy the cute photos of my girls from my girl friend’s son’s birthday party in September!

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