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Another week of eeeek!

Alright you will have to bare with me the next week. This past week of work was very hard on me both mentally and physically for work! I worked a lot of extra hours (seriously 157% of my normal hours!) this week and every time I felt like I was getting close to being settled or catching up and then bang something major would pop up that was not expected and either took a lot of time to settle or took an extreme amount of stress for a short period of crazy to sort out. In the end I have one major issue that will take DAYS still to sort out (stupid missing email inbox), another issue that I managed to solve before my boss and his boss were aware of the issue! After I updated him he asked why I didn’t just come to him, since he would have solved it for me. I explained that I ran to his office to get his help when we discovered the issue, but he wasn’t there. Apparently stupid things happen during lunch at my office.

So after the first week of term being INSANE, I’m looking forward to a quieter second week. I was a bit stressed on Friday about how much there was to do but after a meeting with my boss and a red white board marker, my GIANT list is down to 4 things he thinks matter, and everything else will wait until after this week. Apparently professors like making big ‘X’s with red markers.

So to let myself rest and not think of work this weekend (only checked my email three times and only read about 4 emails) I did a lot of family stuff. Both Saturday and Sunday morning I cuddled on the couch with Katrina from 6:30am for at least an hour. Something about cuddling with my itty bitty makes me feel better. We spent Saturday at the mall, getting a birthday gift for my girlfriend, picked a few work clothing pieces up (wait till you see thing in another post – waiting for one last thing to arrive before I post them) and we ate lunch in the food court (always fun)! Then Sunday we had to drive to Toronto for my girlfriend’s son’s birthday party. This is the same friend we bought her gift for since she’s an October baby. The girls had a great time at the party and I’m glad I got to see them again. Overall the weekend was great, but not very restful with all the running around and household chores.

So now I’m still super sore and tired and mentally DRAINED. I broke down on Friday after the fixing the major issue and cried in my office. It’s okay. It helped a little bit, but the stress level was so high that I still haven’t come down from the stress level. That means next week is going to be interesting. I have to avoid letting particular people push my buttons since I might just snap if I don’t! I may be visiting my coaches office more this week than usual. If I don’t post my usual amount you’ll know why, but wish me luck!

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