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Wonderful weekend.

I had a fantastic weekend with my family. Saturday I didn’t feel so great, but the weather was yucky and so we had a nice quiet day at home. I made oatmeal and planned to go on a run but the weather turned yucky and I decided not to go run, and instead took my kids and hubby to the superstore to get a million groceries. On the way there we had a run in with a torrential downpour of rain so I was very thankful to NOT be running. The girls played in the basement with daddy and I rested, napped and just hung around doing not really anything. We ate frozen lasagna for lunch and leftovers for dinner, so I didn’t even have to cook. Then I even got Steve to put the kids to bed, and let me curl up on the couch with a book.

IMG_4033Sunday was also amazing. I got up early and was out for my long run before 8:30am even hit. My oatmeal was cooked on Saturday and ready to go. I rocked the run despite being sore and achey, and then made pizza for lunch. I got my kids fed and happy and after lunch we went on a hike in the woods. It was cool and wore out miss itty bitty until she refused to walk and had to be carried back home. Then I let Steve go for a run, relaxed some more with my big girl and got some more STAT 202 homework done. All in all a perfect weekend, when you ignore the feeling icky part.

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