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Adventures in JK.

I was a mess, but didn’t cry. Lillian couldn’t wait to get to her class. She was crazy disappointed that she didn’t get to go on her bus to ride home. We met her bus buddy after school so next week we’ll get her on the bus, and let her go for the whole week.

I had a hard time during the day and was thankful for good friends and colleagues. My girlfriend went with me to get coffee and let me vent a bit about my work stress and feeling sad about my big girl heading to the halls of higher education. Apparently growing up and doing well is what parents want for their children. How is she so smart? My other colleague told me to watch those youtube videos where they compare German to other languages. It makes me laugh HYSTERICALLY every time! So thanks to those two I got through the day and felt like I kept it together.

IMG_4131 IMG_4134 IMG_4138 IMG_4140 IMG_4127So overall the day went well. She did tell us that no one wanted to play with her. Lillian is loud and can come on strong. I think she probably overwhelmed the other kids. I’m planning to recommend she ask the other kids if she can play with them rather than trying to tell them what to play. Wish me luck, she’s a bit of a bossy socks, so hopefully it will work better for her.

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