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My mom has only been up for a few days now and honestly she’s my hero this week. I came home on Tuesday to chicken noodle soup. On Wednesday it was potato leek soup. Both my children were fed, wearing clean clothes and even though Lillian was super crabby for most of Wednesday, generally happy. I am starting to work the crazy hours, and even was in my office until almost 6pm on Wednesday.

I’m starting to feel the stress of work. I didn’t eat enough yesterday to balance out the large amount of coffee I had. I love having my mom here. Honestly it is making things easier for me at home, which is a huge help, but work is getting crazy and I am dreading Monday when all the students start showing up, and I have the endless barrage of interruptions and helping them. I really do love helping them. Making a difference in the lives of my students is one of the greatest parts of my job!

So now I am thankful to have my mom here. I’m treating her to lunch today, as a thanks for dealing with my little terror yesterday. Today is also Lillian’s first day of Junior Kindergarten, so I’ll be dropping her off and picking her up. I’ll report back on the weekend about how it went.

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